Samsung is a genius

Do you remember the public’s reaction when Samsung first released the Galaxy Note back in 2011? In case your forgot, here’s an excerpt from this article

The money quote:

“Bigger isn’t necessarily better. The Galaxy Note will automatically be out of contention for many, simply because of its size. For the mainstream, 5.3-inches – even with 1280 x 800 resolution – is simply too much to pocket.” 

While the Galaxy Note certainly had a lot of amazing features to offer (take a look at the rest of that article), the main feature that most people got stuck on was the sheer size of the phone. There are plenty of positive technical reviews of the phone online, but just talking to others about the concept of an over-5-inch phone brought about laughter. A 5-inch phone? Ridiculous.

Somewhat recently, the Samsung Galaxy S4 came out with, what do you know, a 5-inch screen. And yet this time, people aren’t so offended by the idea of a phone that large. 

Samsung pushed the market to where they thought it should be. 2 years ago, Samsung decided that phones should have 5 inch screens, and yet they didn’t want to bring about bad publicity on their flagship Galaxy S line. Their solution was nothing short of ingenious: introduce a new phone line, the Galaxy Note line, that has massive screens. The public’s reaction to a phone that large at the time didn’t matter; the point was, people were now introduced to the concept of a “phablet”. While of course Samsung wanted lots of people to buy their new phone, that wasn’t their focus. 

As a result, 2 years later, the public is now accepting enough to the idea of a 5 inch phone that Samsung could finally upgrade their flagship phone to a 5-inch screen: the Galaxy S 4.

Well done, Samsung. You managed to change the public’s perception of 5-inch phones without making a laughing stock out of your main phone line. Of course there will still be people (like me) who think a 5 inch screen is way, way too big. However, when I see someone talking on a phablet, I’m not laughing anymore.