Monthly Archives: April 2013

Readme driven development

In response to the recent craze of test-driven development, I thought I would propose an alternative that I find much more appealing: readme driven development.

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Comparing Heroku and Instacart Screw Ups

Relatively recently both Heroku and Instacart made some mistakes that caused large public outcries. Heroku had a problem with some confusion surrounding their routing on their Bamboo stack. Instacart had a problem with their Instacart Express service.

Both companies published posts explaining what happened and apoligizing. Despite their similar nature, Heroku’s post is actually quite different compared to Instacart’s.

Heroku’s response can be seen here:

And Instacart’s here:

Numerous articles have been written by/about both companies, but I’m going to be comparing the above two, which to my knowledge are the most recent.

Disclaimer: I was not affected by either of these companies’ mistakes; this post it just comparing Heroku’s response and Instacart’s response

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